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Making Mettle accounts even more secure

Written by: Rachel Booth, Director of Product, Mettle
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We’ve enhanced our in-app security so that your hard-earned money is even more secure.

Mettle verification screen

We know that being trusted to hold onto your money is a huge responsibility – and one we take seriously.  So that’s why we use the latest technology, such as biometrics and in-app card-locking to keep it safe.

With that in mind, we’ve enhanced our in-app security further with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) so that your hard-earned money is even more secure. 

SCA is part of a regulation that's designed to reduce fraud and increase the security of payments. It works by adding an extra layer of protection to your account known as multi-factor authentication.

As you're well aware, we’ve been asking you to prove your identity more frequently by entering your passcode, using fingerprint or face ID on your phone.

Mettle verification screens

Why now?

From 14 September, all UK banks and payment providers had to comply with European payment laws – the Payment Service Directive II, which affects how we verify your identity and validate electronic payments.

So this means to sign in or to make a payment, you have to pass at least two of the three ‘proof’ requirements: 

  1. Knowledge: something you know (passcode)

  2. Possession: something you have (phone)

  3. Inherence: something you are (fingerprint or facial recognition)

These laws also affect any payments or access to your account information through a third party. So when this happens, you’ll be redirected to the Mettle app, where you’ll be asked to authorise – in the same way you would when making a payment through the Mettle app. 

Some exemptions do exist to help balance the need for convenience and friction-free payments: 

  • Online subscriptions or recurring transactions 

  • Contactless card transactions

  • Paper based payment types like direct debits 

What you need to do

Not a great deal, but it does mean that every time you sign in, you'll need to either enter your 6-digit passcode that you created or use facial or fingerprint recognition.

When you make payments through your account, we ask you to confirm your identity before the payment is sent – in the same way.

An example of a recovery code

New Mettle customers

When you sign up, we’ll ask you to set a passcode. We’ll also give you a recovery code. It’s important that you remember it as you’ll need it to access your account if you get locked out or change your phone.

Once you’re set up, you can access your account using facial or fingerprint recognition or your new passcode.

We’re here to help so give us a shout in our in-app chat to learn more.

Interested in finding out more about Mettle? Check out all Mettle's business bank account features.

Director of ProductMettle
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Rachel is the Product Director and co-founder of Mettle, the business bank account backed by NatWest.

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