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Tax calculation

Avoid surprise tax bills with a rolling tax calculation right in your Mettle app. The tax calculation, powered by FreeAgent, gives you an up-to-date view of how much tax you’re likely to owe.

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You will need to be connected to FreeAgent for the tax calculation to be accurate. Mettle is for sole traders and limited companies with up to two owners (only one owner can access the account).

Get a real-time view

Avoid tax surprises

Get an up-to-date view of how much tax you’re likely to owe and when with the tax calculation powered by FreeAgent.

Sync your Mettle account with FreeAgent to get an accurate view of your tax position. 


Reduce tax admin

Take the hassle out of your business admin by automatically saving a percentage of your income, or scheduling a set amount of money to go into a tax pot.

You’ll even get an up-to-date view of payment dates through the tax timeline.


Connect to FreeAgent through the Mettle app

Find out how to connect to FreeAgent here


Complete all your tasks in Mettle and FreeAgent

To get a more accurate view of how much tax you could owe, you'll need to complete all outstanding tasks in Mettle and FreeAgent.


See your tax calculation

When all tasks are completed, you'll get a real-time view of your calculation.


Stay ahead of the schedule with a tax timeline

You can also see a timeline of what tax is likely due, and when.


Find out more about Mettle's business bank account features

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