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Mettle’s guide to using FreeAgent

In this guide, you’ll find information on how to sign up and solve any problems you might run into. 

As a Mettle customer, you get access to FreeAgent for free. With this subscription, you’ll save more than £114 a year – based on FreeAgent’s lowest tariff. 

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via in-app chat in your Mettle app. 

FreeAgent sync

What is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is online accounting software designed to help keep your accounts on the right track. With FreeAgent you can:

  • Monitor cash flow and see when tax is due

  • Get a forecast of corporation tax to avoid surprises

  • View automated VAT returns and files in a single click

  • See the performance of your income, expenses, and profitability

What information Mettle shares with FreeAgent

FreeAgent can access information about you and your account, including data from your transaction feed, balance and details of your account. We also share your bookkeeping data (categories and receipts) so that you see the same view in both your Mettle and FreeAgent accounts.

Your Money Pots are not included in this. If you want to share the details of the money you have set aside in Pots with your accountant, you can download Pots’ statements or export the transactions from the Account screen in your Mettle app.

Data will only be shared with FreeAgent if you’ve given your consent. You can manage your consent in the Account screen under ‘Connections’.


Your FreeAgent subscription is free as long as you make at least one transaction per month from your Mettle account.

If you don’t make one transaction a month, or if your Mettle account is closed and you continue to use FreeAgent, then FreeAgent fees will apply.

How to sign up to FreeAgent with your Mettle account

As a Mettle customer, you can easily sign up through your app. To help with the signup process, we’ll use the information you’ve already given us to make onboarding to FreeAgent as easy as possible. All of your transactions will be synced seamlessly, helping reduce the chance of admin errors or duplication. 

To get started:

  • Tap ‘Connections’ on your Account screen 

  • Tell us if you're new to FreeAgent or if you already have an account

  • Provide your data sharing preferences 

From there, just fill in a few details and you’ll be up and running – it’s an entirely digital process.

Your bank feed will be set up automatically and once your transactions are cleared, we’ll sync them. Some of these will appear instantly, but if they’re still pending it can take two or three days to show.

You can remove the connection at any time by tapping 'Connections' on the Account screen in your Mettle app.

Watch the video below to see how to do it. 

What to do if you’re being asked to pay for FreeAgent

To get FreeAgent for free you need to make at least one transaction a month with your Mettle account, this doesn’t include transfers into or out of your pots. 

If you’ve met the criteria and are still being asked to pay, to switch over to the free tariff, you need to email the FreeAgent support team (, explaining that you want to move over to the free Mettle tariff.

FreeAgent will then send you a link to switch your account to the 'FreeAgent for free' tariff.

Once that’s complete, you can reconnect using the same process you attempted before. Please note that you’re only able to have one FreeAgent account on the Mettle 'FreeAgent for free' tariff. 

If you access FreeAgent via your accountant, talk to them directly for more information. 

If you’ve given your accountant access to your FreeAgent account, they’ll be able to see any data that’s shared between Mettle and FreeAgent. It's best to speak to your accountant to give them access and they can either move you onto their practice dashboard or give you instructions on how to grant them access in FreeAgent.

Bookkeeping and invoicing with FreeAgent 

Enabling your bank feed from FreeAgent

A bank feed is the easiest way to ensure your FreeAgent account is always up to date with your latest transactions. When your bank feed is active we’ll l share your transactions with FreeAgent as soon as they clear. Setting it up is an entirely digital process so getting your bank feed set up is easy – with no paper forms:

  • Sign in to your FreeAgent account on the web

  • On the Banking tab, either create a new bank account or select the account you want to connect to Mettle

  • Click 'Enable Bank Feed' on the top-right of your screen

  • Search for and select Mettle

  • Click 'Continue connection'

  • On the next screen, click 'Connect to Mettle'

  • Scan the QR code with the phone that has your Mettle app

  • When the Mettle app opens, select 'I have an existing FreeAgent account' and follow the instructions

Once you're connected, you can return to FreeAgent and should see the Bank Feed status is active.

Bookkeeping sync between Mettle and FreeAgent

Once you’ve set up a bank feed, Mettle and FreeAgent will share category and receipt information for transactions to make your bookkeeping easier. To use this feature in Mettle:

  • Tap either the notification or the transaction on your money feed when you make or receive a payment

  • Pick a category and snap a picture of your receipt 

  • When we send the transaction to FreeAgent we’ll also explain it and add the receipt as an attachment

If you get some help from an accountant or update your transactions in FreeAgent later, Mettle will receive a notification that the category has been updated and the same information will be shown in the app.

Uploading receipts to FreeAgent

When you upload a receipt to your Mettle account, this will automatically sync with FreeAgent. This means you can view the receipt in both Mettle and FreeAgent, so you don’t miss anything! 

FreeAgent only allows you to have one attachment per transaction so if you have multiple receipts for a single transaction, only the most recent one you’ve captured will upload. 

Mettle shares transactions with FreeAgent when they have cleared, but we are not able to automatically match a payment to a FreeAgent invoice.

If you’re creating and sharing invoices in FreeAgent, you’ll need to go to FreeAgent to mark an invoice as paid. If you’re using invoicing in the Mettle app and you’re unable to mark an invoice as paid, contact us via in-app chat and we can assist you.

You can also update your FreeAgent VAT and banking accounting details if you need to amend any information. This can be done from the settings page in FreeAgent.

If you are having problems with FreeAgent invoices you can contact FreeAgent support at

How to troubleshoot problems with FreeAgent

Here you’ll find information on how to solve common issues like forgotten passwords, problems with your authorisation and transaction feed.

If you’d like more assistance or have any issues please reach out to us on the Mettle in-app chat. 

Forgotten FreeAgent password

If you've forgotten your FreeAgent password: 

  • Go to the FreeAgent website, tap 'Log in'

  • Tap 'Reset my password' and follow the instructions

This won't impact your connection with Mettle, or your Mettle account password.

What to do if your FreeAgent account says ‘Import pending’

If you're connecting to FreeAgent using their ‘Enable Bank Feed’ journey, your account should show as 'Import pending' until you've successfully completed the connection journey in the Mettle app. 

To do this you'll need to scan the Mettle QR code that FreeAgent provides and complete the questions in the Mettle app. 

Once you reach the 'Success' screen in the Mettle app, you can return to FreeAgent and the status of the bank feed will be active. 

If the connection status in the Mettle app remains as ‘Import pending’: 

  • Try refreshing your browser and check again

  • Disconnect your FreeAgent bank feed and reconnect. To disconnect, select your Mettle account in FreeAgent, tap 'More' in the top right-hand corner and select 'Disable bank feed'

Issues connecting Mettle and FreeAgent

If you get an error message from FreeAgent saying, 'You don't have the required permissions to authorise’, it might be because:

  • You haven't yet verified your email with FreeAgent

  • You need to complete the setup of your FreeAgent account (this is a set of questions you're asked when you log into your FreeAgent account for the first time)

  • You aren't set as the owner of the FreeAgent account you trying to connect to

If you've completed the first two steps, you can confirm you're the account owner in your FreeAgent account. Just go to Settings and select ‘Users’. You will need to make sure you have at least level six access permissions. 

If you set up your FreeAgent account through your accountant, you may need to contact them for help with this.

Transactions not showing in FreeAgent

There are several reasons why your transactions or categories might not be showing up in FreeAgent. This could be because: 

  • You need to have an active connection for your transactions to be shared. To check if your connection is active, go to the ‘Account screen’ and select 'Connections'

  • Your connection only stays live for 90 days. If you've not refreshed it within that time, you'll need to reconnect

  • If your connection is active and you still can't see your transactions, it's possible that they haven't cleared

If your account is active and you feel that your transactions should have cleared, contact us through your in-app chat and we'll be happy to look at this for you.

You can find more information on FreeAgent, how to connect your Mettle account or common problems people run into you here.

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