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Google Pay

A fast and simple way to pay at millions of places online, in-app and in-store.

Google Pay Phone
Google Pay is available on selected devices. Retailer limits may apply. Mettle is for sole traders and limited companies with up to two owners (only one owner can access the account). Mettle won't charge you for using your card through Google Pay.

Tap to pay the easy way

Use Google Pay™ wherever you see the contactless symbol. Just wake up your phone and hold it near the reader until you see a check mark.


Security you can count on

Google Pay doesn't send your card number with your payment. To keep your details safe, it uses an encrypted virtual account number.

Pay as quick as you click

Check out even faster. Once you've added your card, you won't need to enter your details again. Just choose Google Pay at checkout.

Quick and easy set up

Adding your Mettle card to Google Pay is simple. On your Mettle 'Account' screen, tap 'Add to Google Wallet’.

Or you can add it from the Google Wallet app:

  • Download the Google Wallet app from the Play Store

  • Tap '+' to add your Mettle card and follow the instructions

Prefer to do things on desktop? Get set up at

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