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Launching a business with Natalie, owner of Glow Envy skincare

Written by: Mettle editorial
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Glow Envy is a skincare company that offers a range of products designed to banish blemishes, and brighten and protect your skin.

Glow Envy skincare

Glow Envy skincare is a vegan, botanically derived skincare line, leveraging the benefits of white flowers and plant extracts for the main ingredients in their products. The products work to refresh and smooth, while fighting blemishes and protecting your skin. 

Glow Envy products

Skincare has always fascinated Natalie, the company’s owner and operator. From getting inspiration from magazines to dealing with her own personal skincare issues, Natalie wanted to find a product that actually worked. This inspired her to enrol in a business degree and take her passion to the next level. 

‘I started my business so that I could pursue my passion, which is to help people have healthy and glowing skin’

Natalie has been working on the business for about a year before launching her products on Amazon alongside her full time job. During that time, she has worked closely with her providers to ensure the product met the standards and company ethos, including making sure that the packaging involved was created sustainably. 

Like any launch, getting the timing right was a challenge. The one initially planned for the summer was slightly delayed, which was frustrating for Natalie. But despite factors outside of her control impacting her plans, it didn’t stop her from running a soft launch, where three lucky participants were treated to a spa experience and a chance to try out the products in real time to see how they worked.

‘The reaction to the soft launch was great. People were intrigued and since the full launch, this has continued’

Glow Envy officially launched on 26 September. Current products include a gel cleanser, a facial scrub made with rice particles, a toner with aloe vera and a hydrating moisturiser. Natalie hopes to expand her offering with more spa-like products in the near future, like towels and headbands. 

Now the launch has happened, her days are filled with planning content and working with people who can help expand her brand. With new ideas brewing every day, this is what Natalie enjoys doing.

‘Being busy with new ideas helps my mind. I also feel like I’m starting to get a proper work life balance now which is great’

When it comes to the financial side of the business, Natalie’s most important factor in choosing a business account was trust. Having already been a NatWest customer, Natalie found Mettle through her personal banking. Getting paid on time is also important, and she’s found that being able to create and manage invoices from the Mettle app has simplified her admin tasks by keeping her organised.

‘Creating invoices for my business has made my life a lot easier’

It’s not every day that someone can list owning a business as one of their achievements. For Natalie, she’s proud that she can now say this. Selling on Amazon means she has a huge reach, which is a big deal for her after starting the process by herself.

You can find Glow Envy products on Amazon and at

Follow Glow Envy on Instagram: @glowenvyskincareuk, and TikTok: @glowenvyskincareuk

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