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Meet Elliot, Backend Engineer at Mettle

Written by: Mettle editorial
2 min read

Elliot, who has over a decade’s worth experience as a software engineer, talks about Mettle’s tech stack, culture and upcoming projects he’s excited about.


I'm Elliot and I've been a software developer for the past 14 years. Virtually all of my career has been in the finance space and I've been working as a Backend Engineer at Mettle for over a year. Having worked at a variety of organisations in my career, I can honestly say that Mettle is a great place to work! 

Mettle places a great deal of importance on preserving a culture where its staff feel valued. Being a part of a company where we are collaborative and support our colleagues is something that is really important to me. 

Our tech stack is advanced but we recognise where we can do better. We use microservice architecture (no legacy monoliths here!) that is event driven using Kafka, uses event sourcing, saga patterns and has a well-thought-out testing strategy favouring clean automated tests for core flows of our business. It's great to have a testing suite that allows us to feel confident that our developments are sound!

We allow ourselves time to produce innovative software solutions that make the working experience of every backend engineer better. Not afraid to adopt the latest tech, we are currently in the process of upgrading all our services. Subsets of our engineers have formed working groups concentrating on various technical problems including how to increase the observability of our platform and how we can utilise Kafka better. 

Working at Mettle, I have the opportunity to own my projects: researching the project, fleshing out the tasks and taking those tasks through the software development life cycle. Working with talented people only pushes me to go further. I've been primarily working as part of a team tasked with ensuring Mettle compliance with Open Banking requirements, however, that project is now wrapping up. The team is morphing into one concentrating on allowing our customers to pay and get paid more easily. The projects we work on can be tough but rewarding! Having said that, we don't have the kind of burnout culture that can exist elsewhere. I wouldn't want to sacrifice my active social life!

Mettle is in a period of rapid growth with lots of new opportunities springing up. Looking ahead, I'm excited about working on projects that will contribute to the growth and success of both the company and my career.

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