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How to find your account number and sort code?

Written by: Mettle editorial
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Find out what an account number and sort code are, and how to find your Mettle account details


When you open a new account with a bank in the UK you’ll usually be given an account number and sort code. These two pieces of information are important because they’re how you make transfers and let other people know where to send you money. They’re also used to perform Confirmation of Payee checks, which helps keep payments secure.

Account number –  Most UK bank account numbers are eight digits long, though this can vary, and is specific to each of your accounts. If you have several accounts with the same bank, each account will have a different account number.

Sort code – Sort codes are six digits long, usually split up into pairs, where the first two digits show which bank the account is with and the last four digits show which branch you opened the account at.

How to find your Mettle account number and sort code

To help keep your account information secure, you won’t find your account number and sort code printed on your Mettle card.

Instead, the easiest way to find your account number and sort code is in the Mettle app. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to the Mettle app using your password or biometric information

  2. Navigate to the Account tab

  3. Your account number and sort code can be found below the image of your card

If you have any trouble finding your account information, reach out to us on in-app chat. 

From the Account tab you can also easily share your account details with another person. Just tap “Share account details”. 

You can also find your account number and sort code on any of your downloaded account statements or by logging into Mettle on the web and going to your Account section.

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