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Preetesh Parmer

Accountant at Tidy Money

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We’ve come a long way since our founder launched Tidy Money in a small office in North-West London back in 2008 – but we’ve never lost sight of our core mission, to simplify tax and accounting for small businesses and help free up business owners time. Preetesh Parmar launched Tidy Money 14 years ago after recognising that many small business owners are great in their area of expertise – but often not so great with cash-flow forecasting, day-to-day bookkeeping or management accounts.

Preetesh wanted to set up a business that

  • Helped simplify tax and accounting.

  • Freed up business owners time to focus on business growth and what they enjoyed.

  • Was streamlined and process driven to be affordable for all.

  • Was flexible and customisable enough to adapt to each individual business needs.

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