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Joe Lynch

Managing Director at Your Sidekick

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I've always had the personal drive to succeed and in a roundabout way, (if you want the history then we’ll arrange a drink) this led me to taking the step out on my own and resulted in me becoming a Founder/Director of Sidekick and Umbrellaphant (as it stands) and pushing a business forward from scratch. The aim of both are to deliver better than what is already out there with a special focus on client care, ensuring with either product compliance is central and clients are aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it (let’s cut out the unnecessary jargon, it’s outdated and isn’t big, clever or helpful).

Delivering exceptional customer service and communicating clearly is absolutely key to our businesses and is what i believe makes us so popular and to date something i believe we have delivered on! I've fortunately always been able to adapt to a multitude of tasks and am a leader in the development of process, system implementation, identifying inefficiencies, maintaining compliance and ensuring the norm is challenged not followed...something I have and will continue to do in order to deliver the best experience for our clients! If you've taken the time to read this and have temporary staff who need an Umbrella Solution, or assistance with your accounts as a contractor/self-employed individual then please give me a call or drop me an email (

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