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Hattie Seaton from Honey B Drama

I’m passionate that drama should be for everyone – not just the obvious drama kings and queens.

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After training as an actress at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, I worked as a nanny for a short time where I would often play drama games with the kids. After a while, I decided to try something new and volunteered at schools in India to teach drama. 

It was this experience where I realised how much I loved bringing out the children’s creativity. And it became clear to me that drama gives them the confidence they need to come to terms with their emotions. I found this aspect (and still find it) extremely rewarding.

This led me to reflect on my own childhood and how drama was an integral part of the way I’d express myself. I’m passionate that drama should be for everyone – not just the obvious drama kings and queens. 

I’m inspired every day by the children I teach, it’s such a joy to witness them creating their own magic.

When I came back from India, I decided to grab the reins and start my own drama teaching business so I could experience this joy every day. I believe that drama-based activities are an amazing outlet for people of all ages, whether they’re wanting to pursue acting or not. 

I love that running my own business has allowed me to be at the helm of my life. I appreciate having something that I’ve created on my own and that I’m really proud of. I love how no two days are ever the same – children certainly keep me on my toes.

I completely fell in love with the idea that creative storytelling could be used as a way to help people communicate and process their own emotions and experiences.

Hattie in her studio

When children come out with unfiltered, creative bursts, every day is pretty memorable. I remember one child who had been in one of my classes for a while. They loved it, but whenever I would try and get them to do anything on their own, they would really struggle. 

One day, this child decided that they were ready and had gained the confidence to show the rest of the class something on their own – it blew me away. Even the parents had noticed a difference in the way the child was interacting with others. 

Just being a part of the journey to see a child’s confidence grow is what it’s all about for me.

When starting Honey B Drama I was daunted by the ‘business’ side of things. When someone said ‘business’ to me, I would instantly freak out – I’m not great with numbers, bookkeeping or anything to do with that sort of thing. To be honest, I put off starting Honey B Drama for a while just because the word ‘business’ felt so out of reach. 

Mettle took away that fear. It made all the scary stuff make sense and I no longer felt like I was stupid for not understanding. I love that I can send invoices off quickly and that everything is in one place. 

I thought, if they keep doing what they’re good at, I can do what I’m good at.

It’s a game changer, literally.

Find out more on the Honey B Drama website.

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